Vorige Woche fand wieder die beliebte Englisch – Projektwoche statt. Mit viel Engagement motivierten die „Native Speaker“ die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 4. Klassen, ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse anzuwenden und zu vertiefen.

The two native speakers Nadira and Jason, both from English speaking countries, visited our school from Monday 29th of January to Friday 2nd of February. Our students loved this interesting, funny and informative project week. It was a real enrichment for all the students who participated, as they were able to practise the English language in a real communicative setting. One great success was Friday, the last day of the project, when the students gave presentations to their friends about what they had achieved in these few days.

By the way, many thanks to the parents for allowing their children to take part in that project.


Here are a few words from Nadira and Jason, the native speakers:

“Thank you for having us facilitate English Project Week at NMS St. Michael. The children of the fourth class all proved their proficiency in the English language with incredible skills in understanding, reading and most of all speaking. We would like to congratulate all the hard-working English teachers and of course the very diligent students. Some of the activities undertaken during the week were: challenging games in English, writing, using daily conversation skills, sports, exercising listening skills, cooking, comprehension skills, research, brainstorming and presenting in English. It was a pleasure working with everyone at your school. Continue striving for the best! “